Derby Museum of Making "Construction Kit" App

The Derby Museum of Making Construction Kit App ( formally Silk Mill Configurations ) is an in development Arts Council, MAAP and D-Lab funded augmented reality mobile app made in collaboration with, and initially in response to, the architecture of Derby Silk Mill.

During an extensive development phase the app has taken many forms, initially allowing people to play with the geometry of the Silk Mill in Augmented Reality, then as a kind of game in which people could collect parts of the Silk Mill and now, currently, as an AR drawing tool in which people can “draw” both 3d scanned items from the Museum’s collection and more abstract geometry into AR space.

The app has been developed on and off over the course of a year, shown to the public at the Museum’s FIGMENT 2017 event and at Derby Mini Maker Faire in October 2017. In April 2018 a month long period of intense development and testing with a group from Derby led to where the app is today.

If you're interested in testing the app, please get in contact either via twitter or email.
Latest version of Construction Kit App (Build 28)
Initial Silk Mill Configurations / Construction Kit tests
FIGMENT, Derby Silk Mill, 2017
Silk Mill App
Silk Mill App