Lego Configurations Workshop

Lego Configurations is a workshop in which participants make small Lego objects, digitise them, then use a joystick to manipulate the digitised objects inside a running software interactive.

Using up to 8 pieces of a limited subset of Lego type bricks, participants make objects that could relate to any given theme, then with the digital modelling tool Mecabricks participants digitise the object they have made or let me digitise the model while they wait. The digital model is then added to a running version of my Automated Spatial Transformations software displayed on a projector or screen. Using a custom joystick participants can find their model in amongst others and apply transformations to it- rotating, scaling and translating to produce interesting new versions.

The workshop caters to people of all ages and abilities; utilises Lego which most children have an understanding of; introduces the freely available tool Mecabricks teaching basic CAD skills. Line drawing versions of the configurations can be printed for participants to take home or colour in during the sessions. After the workshop a version of the software with all models made on the day is uploaded to this page for participants to play in their own time.
Lego Configurations, QUAD, 2017
Lego models, QUAD, 2017
Custom Joystick, QUAD, 2017
Mecabricks, QUAD, 2017