Automated Spatial Transformations (Mile End Art Pavilion)

2017, Generative Animation, Wall and Floor Drawing
Automated Spatial Transformations (AST) is an ongoing series of site-specific work derived from software that reconfigures digital models of the physical space the work is shown in- translating, rotating and extruding the model's constituent parts to produce images of new spatial configurations.

Each time it is exhibited the software is loaded with a custom digital model of the physical space it will be shown in then presented running in realtime from a computer where people can see the model being reconfigured over time. Internet access permitting an image of each reconfiguration is uploaded to a server and available to view on this website.

This version was commissioned by Queen Mary University's Media Arts and Technology programme to be shown during their Intersections Symposium in September 2017 at Mile End Art Pavilion. Here the software is connected to a printer, printing zoomed in snapshots of the images it produces, I then stuck these to the wall and floor creating a further reconfiguration of the space this time taking duration in to account.

Shown at : "Intersections Symposium", Mile End Art Pavilion, London, 2017; 
AST (Mile End Art Pavilion), Test Version, 2017
AST (Mile End Art Pavilion), Installation Shot (2 hours in), 2017
AST (Mile End Art Pavilion), Installation Shot (6 hours in), 2017